Monday, January 16, 2012

Behold, Dragon.

Here is a picture of my buddy's Frilled dragon!
Basking in the artificial light .
Frilled dragons are very easy look after, and make great pets for older kids and young adults - they are very easy to handle and have a ton of character! These dragons are active during the day, and can live up to 9 years old. They do not need a multitude of space and the dragon's needs can be easily met in most homes. Males are usually larger than females and if cared for properly, can reach their maximum size in one year.  Frilled dragons originate from the deserts of central Australia. [source --->]
I think I woke him up XD!


  1. My friend used to have a dragon, but then his step dad killed it

  2. Love these creatures, they're so cool looking!

  3. Aw man, took me some time to see what the heck that was! Chameleonic type

  4. dragons are well cool man! adding you to the list!

  5. Frilled Dragon, bro, not bearded, lol